Mobile Value Added Solutions

Stand out from the crowd and offer a well-managed value-added-services (VAS) portfolio to your subscribers.

  • IVR music catalogue (IVR, SMS, WAP);
  • Mobile congratulations and voice jokes (IVR, SMS);
  • Voice informational and entertaining services (IVR, SMS): horoscopes, tests, voting, jokes, news, TV program, weather forecast etc.
  • mobile dating (IVR, SMS);
  • Voice board of announcements (IVR, SMS) etc

Enterprise Data Warehouse Consultancy

System Integration The move towards unified platforms: Tools don’t just integrate anymore. Many vendors are now incorporating a mix of technologies such as Extract Transform Load (ETL), data quality, replication, metadata, and Master Data Management (MDM) data federation into their DI tools as they move their solutions towards a single unified platform. Data Integration Data…


BI SOLUTIONS THAT MEET YOUR NEEDS Make better and smarter business decisions faster with solutions that take business intelligence (BI) to a whole new level. You can create competitive advantage with a well-designed management information system. The success of your project is the result of choosing the right processes, technology and people. Bonyan has a…

Transaction Management & Reconciliation

Getting reconciling supplier invoices Huge volumes of invoices pour in every month and each vendor or supplier usually wants paying immediately! Supplier reconciliation is, however, a rather important process which ensures your business gets what it has ordered and pays for and is not overcharged. Volume of statements As we’ve already mentioned, one of the…


  Partner Settlement Management Everything you need to fully optimize your partner management for better profitability Few markets are as competitive or fast moving as the wholesale telecom market. With players, policies, and partners constantly in flux, you need a reliable, scalable solution that can handle whatever you throw at it. Wholesale Business Management Solution…

Big Data

Customized Solutions Investigation of Information Needs It is well known that the volume, velocity and variety of data are expanding at an exponential rate. Organizations that learn how to harness and integrate data into their business stand to gain a competitive advantage. Know how big data can generate value for you Make sure that you…